Search problems.

Search is really awkward in this nice client. When I try to search for mails from, i type “from:somemail” or “somemail” in search field, it turns out no results. But there sure are some mails from this adress.

I believe this might be caused by the setup of the folders your eM Client is searching through.
To make sure you can select custom folders by clicking the little magnifying glass in the search field and select “Custom folders”.

And few tips for better search result:
if you are unsure of the searched address you can use * in front of what you’re searching, by that you’re saying you know only a part of the email address.
of course you can search for just or and it should give out the same results.

If you’re having issues with this, can you maybe provide a screenshot of some email you were searching for with the search criteria you were using showing no results?

Thank you,