Search not Working

Search for To: field isn’t finding the messages I know are there somewhere

I am using eM client 7.1.30794.0, POP3 with  I have checked and rechecked all settings gleaned from all the other older complaints about searching.  Occasionally I have seemed to luck on to the old emails to a particular email address, but cannot find them again.  Surely I am doing something wrong to cause this inconsistency, but I cannot figure it out,   It is now not finding emails that were sent during the last week.

Apparently it is only not finding a set of emails sent to or from one specic email address.  Not sure why.

If using advanced search, make sure that Folder is set to All folders.

If searching using the search bar in the top right of your screen, click the down arrow and make sure you have selected All folders.

Can you give an example of what you are typing in the search field?