Search not working in Windows 10

The Search function in version 6.0.223440 is not working since updating to Windows 10. I have tried verious searches in different folders and all come up blank. It worked in Windows 7 and Laptop with same version still workes in Windows 7.

Hello, can you please make a screenshot of the issue? And check your search settings by clicking the dropdown next to the magnifying glass icon in the search bar? Please make sure your search is setup correctly and that you’re for example not searching for a string type that is not being searched (e.g. text in the body of the message).

Note that by default eM Client only downloads the headers of your messages thus search in body may not be available or successful if you’re not using “Download messages for offline use” option or that the message has fully been downloaded.


Search is working.  I was using the popup list that shows as you type the search criteria.  by clicking on the check mark and  picking from that list it works as expected.

Thanks for your response.

Glad it works, please make sure to let us know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, we’ll be happy to help.