Search not working correctly.

I did a search on my inbox for the following: Posting 2013-09-12 When I do this search on my mac mail, it comes up with 102 results. On EM Client, it comes back with 2. Am I doing the search wrong?


are all your emails synchronized? eM Client has no known problems with searching.

Also is your searching string included in those emails?

Anyway for advanced search click on little gray arrow pointing down near magnifying glass in search field and choose “advanced search”.

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Yes they are. I can see them in the mailbox I am searching. In fact, when I click on one of them it gets added to the search. I have not set EM Client to download a copy of the messages locally. Is that required for search to work?


It should not, eM Client can search from email headers only (otherwise using default IMAP will be pain).

can I ask you if you have synchronized completely, what service provider do you use and if it still works only when you click on email first?

I am actually trying to search the content of the emails, not the headers. I have the mail set to synchronize at start up and every 10 minutes. I really like the client - it has great features and I really want to pay for the pro version, but the search is a major problem for me.

Also, to pre-empt your next possible question, I do not have an option to switch to Pop. I really need Imap so my mail is synchronized across all devices.

Here is a screenshot of the mail and the text I am trying to search

3 of the 5 messages contain that text. When I did the search the first time, one message showed. When I clicked the other messages and did the search, it added the message I clicked to the search result.

You need to realize how eM Client works - it downloads only messages’ headers and the other content(body, attachments) is downloaded after you click on a message to read it. That is the reason why eM Client may confuse you and not show some search results. You can resolve this problem very easily by enabling the option “Download messages for offline use” in the account settings (Tools - Accounts - IMAP).

that may well be the case but I have a similar problem - when I search for the sender’s name, the em client search misses half of the emails from a particular sender.

I have been replying to someone with same issue, I thought that it is you, but not. Anyway this can be cause of your problems as it is exactly like my colleague has written.

But by logic it is right as how can anything search in anything when it “does not exists”.
So just enable “download messages for offline use” and your issue will be solved.


No, it is not. The sender’s name is downloaded, like the headers, and the search does not catch it. I have to open my mailbox in gmail to do a search and then locate the email by date. One of the key features of the program is not performing.

Enabling download messages for offline use did solve my particular issue. Serguei’s problem is different as the sender’s name is downloaded with the headers. When I download the entire message, however, the sender’s name is searchable.


I have double checked it and in newest version (5th and 6th) it is working flawlessly so this feature is performing well.

Are you sure that you are searching correct name? Very often I have encountered that users miss type and they do not catch it. Here is newest version for you… it should help you if you are really having this issue.


Well, I have triple checked with the most recent version of Em Client. The messages are synced. Gmail finds a particular email on one word from the subject line, full text, or sender, and Em Client does not. The message is in the folder, but the search does not find it. Helas, I really thought it would be a great replacement for outlook, much lighter and easy to sync with gmail, but with that kind of search problems…

hi, there!
I have the same problems like Bob Narindra and Serguei Glebov.
I’m using eM Client 5.0.19406 with Gmail.

Search has various problems and disappointments. I would write more about them but I simply don’t have time. I hope you’ll give thought to improving search functions in future versions. Believe it or not, I still run a version of the 20 year old Eudora because it has the best search function ever written into an email application. It is nearly perfect. Here’s an example of an eM Client problem I encountered only today:

I searched for an article I’d had sent to me from the NY Times. I knew that it had Japan in the title, so I did an advanced search for “japan” in any text field and “” in the “from” field. eM Client could not find the mail.

I opened Eudora and did the same search. It found the mail in - literally - under one second. Here is why:

Embedded in the header were these two lines (I have substituted ordinary parentheses for carats, so that your system would not see them as HTML encoding):

From: imber ([email protected])
Reply-To: [email protected]

That is because when you send mail through the NY Times site, the recipient sees it as being sent by you. But eM Client DID NOT RECOGNIZE the “” in the “from” field.

Does that seem like an effective search function to you? Not trying to be critical, but really, doesn’t that seem odd? FYI, if I do the search by seeking “” in “all text fields” it WILL find the mail. But not “from”.

Thanks for listening.

Hi, I am sorry but we do not plan to alter eM Client’s search engine when it is currently working how it is designed without issues.


Thank you, I understand. But in complete truth, what I describe above is an “issue”. It failed to find something obvious using the simplest search criteria. I must say that it does work better than some other, similar search functions in other applications. There is room for improvement. Best of luck.

thank you for your support, your opinion on is noted, but as I have written before we do not plan to alter it in close future.


You mean, you do not plan to FIX it?

Search appears to be broken. These images compare the same search in Google website and eM. eM did not find ANY results. Google found MANY.