Search not working April 2023

Hi there…the last similar topic I found was from a while ago. I have tried searching for numerous words with zero search results. For example, I searched for the word “billing” but zero results. However, when I go to my actual Google Workspace Gmail, many emails turn up in the native search. Ditto for my other professional account which is on Microsoft 365, and double ditto for my personal Outlook account.

I am still on the trial and really want to love this program, in fact I have already left a great review because it really does have great features! I have three emails connected (still trial period) and some search terms do work which leads me to believe it’s a bug somewhere.

Yes, I have checked all my search parameters e.g. with or without attachments. I have tried searching keyword, subject etc. (which is mor specific) to no avail. I have tried searching in each account and all accounts.

Here are some specifics on the native platforms:
My Microsoft 365 account returns 28 emails searching for the word “billing”
My Google Workspace account returns 47 emails searching for the word “billing”
My personal Outlook account returns literally hundreds of results searching for the word “billing” because I’ve had that account for many years.

Any insight?? I WANT to be able to trust this program (and purchase it) but right now I can’t as search is one of the main things I do; if I can’t trust the search results, I’m hooped. I vote it’s a bug. Thanks for your help.

Click the down arrow in the search box and choose the most inclusive options, untick the option to use server search, then try again.


Thank you! I unchecked server search and it worked. Perhaps this should be clearer as this translated to me as using server search and local search. Interesting as all my emails reside on the servers…I never delete anything, so why would they not show up??. How to make this clearer?? I thought searching the server would help…please explain. BTW, I have a long history of knowledge of email configuration, imap, pop etc., especially from the Win XP days so I know what you are talking about. I have owned my own domains since 2000.

I too have this issue but in the Android app.
Is there some magic for that as well?

Disabling the server search doesn’t help and I don’t see the archive folder option.


I too have this issue but in the Android app.
Is there some magic for that as well?

For any problems or feedback with the Android app currently, send to [email protected]