search not including read emails

The search is not including read emails for one of my email accounts. It works fine in the other one. For years search has worked fine. I tried to fix it with advanced search and all sorts of other options. Nothing works. it’s like search is not even seeing the read emails, only the unread ones. This has been going on for 2 days.

Do you have all the folders selected in the advanced search options?

I tried everything, it turned out to be a corrupt database that couldn’t be fixed. I did fix it by exporting my inbox and sent as EML files and then importing them back in and replacing the bad inbox and sent.

it immediately got fixed. Since my database is 80 gigs this took several days letting it do it late at night as I slept. I’m going to save the EML files in case I ever have to do this again. If so it’ll be much quicker.

EM Client has been sluggish during this time and also after I fixed the database, but the search problem is fixed. I may need to reinstall or run the repair database exe files.

Glad you got it sorted.

You can also check for later releases in the Release History, where improvements to the application may help. The version 8 betas have much improved performance if you want to give that a go.

I tried the latest beta, but it wouldn’t open after multiple attempts. So I reverted back to my older version from 3/26/19 and it wouldn’t open because the new version modified my database. I hit “update” but that didn’t work either. Modifying the database and not allowing us to use earlier versions is really risky. My situation certainly proves that point. Any other suggestions? - thanks for trying

If the beta version won’t start, please send a message to

When installing beta software, it is always advisable to first make a backup of your data. That way you can revert to an older version later if you choose. At least you have your exported emls to fall back on.

Fortunately before installing the beta about 4 hours earlier I backup-ed the database. So I just used that backup and downloaded all my newer emails. All I lost was some sent items, not important. So I’m lucky.

I’ll take your advice next time. I’ve never had this problem with using other versions and reverting back to earlier versions. Is this database modification only happening with version 8? Once I get on version 8 will I be able to revert to different versions of version 8 without running into this database problem?

Thanks for all your help,

There was a database structure change from 6 to 7, then a few within version 7, and now again from 7 to 8. The new structures are not backwards compatible, and it is not always clear when they change. The best practice is make regular backups, or at least do one before upgrading.