SEarch mail. How?

Search Mail!


You can search mails by using the search box in the top right corner of eM Client. Hope that helps.

Is their a tutorial or a “help” section on how to search in EM client, my main problem is that I want to search only one folder but the results seem to be searching all folders, followed the help (F1) to a web based help system but cannot find anything on the “search” feature.
Please advise…
After looking around on this site I found references to searching, this made me go look again and I found the little “down arrow” to the right of the search icon in the search box, when clicked on all of the search options were revealed. Hope this helps other lost EM users.

The eM Client documentation needs work, for sure. Try:

Click within the mail folder you want to search, so that it is displayed in the main window.
Press Control+Shift+F for the ‘find’ dialog.
Enter what you want to find within the  Search query field.
In the  Folder drop-down menu, select  Current folder or  Current folder with subfolders — whichever is right for your purposes.

There’s an option in that dialog I don’t understand — the one where the default selection is  All text fields. That’s a dropdown menu enabling you to select various fields to search within messages. There’s also an editable text field to its right in which you can enter something. But I’m not sure what you’re supposed to enter there. Is it information the program will search for in addition to what you entered in  Search query or instead of what you entered in  Search query?

Try a search in which you just leave that whole part alone and see if it gets you what you want. (But select other search criteria below that one, if need be.)

Hope that helps a bit.