Search Issues Persist

I have been wanting to switch email clients and eM Client seemed like the ideal solution until i tried using it to do regular simple searches.  Before I describe my issue, please note that I am NOT attempting to search in the body of the email.

My version of eM Client is 7.1.30794.0

I am always looking for emails from my business partner so I start with the phrase “ryan brown” then I add an additional word to find specific ones.

Note the very first email (which i have even visited already) has the word “duvisio” in the subject line:

Now when i try searching for “ryan brown duvisio”, no messages show up in search:

I have “current folder” and “subject, sender and recipients” selected, so that email at the top of screenshot 1 should really show up in the search.

It doesn’t, so this means that the search function is essentially useless for me…

Is this a known problem that you will be fixing or am I somehow using it wrong?

If I’m using it wrong, please tell me how to use it correctly because I like the rest of the software alot.

Try enclosing the subject in parentheses:

ryan brown "duvisio"

Doesn’t make sense, but it works. :slight_smile:

Okay, so now I tried what you suggested and it delivered exactly the same results as just searching the name… see screenshot below:

There should only have a few messages with the word “duvisio” in the header.

once again, the search seems to not do what it’s supposed to do…

Any more hints or a timeline on this being fixed?

I really want to like this client and pay for a pro version so i can pull in all my email accounts but I won’t do it if I can’t use search.

My mistake, it does not work as you want because it is an OR search. I also tested it on an unreleased version that works a little different.

You can use a more complicated search term that is AND:

from:ryan brown subject:duvisio

That definitely works. :slight_smile:

okay, I appreciate the help.

can you tell me why the first version of my search doesn’t work?

just typing:

ryan brown duvisio


It seems that it is because it is looking for all three words in the same field, even though you have subject/sender/recipients selected.

Maybe Jay Ogram will comment on this. He is a big fan of the search feature.

Thanks again - I’d really like to understand it so I can use it.