Search is not working

Hi, my search is not working. my settings were already set… as per conversation found in the community. 
"Go to menu/tools/accounts and select the IMAP tab and check “Download messages for offfline use”.

Thank you

Did you try the drop-down in the search box to select which folders to search?

Yes, it is permanently set to All folders, and I have setting that says… “Always download complete messages”

And the second part is set to Subject, sender, recipients and body?

NO it wasn’t !!! Omg… feel silly… thank you star helper! 

That’s OK. The setting does not reset after use, or even after restarting the application. If at some stage you have done a search where you have changed this, it is not apparent when typing in a new search.

I put forward an Idea to have the search reset to default parameters, so maybe it will be considered for a future release.