Search in v. 9 drawback

In v. 8 after placing either an address or word in Search window for Sent it stayed there for the Received messages option as well, opposite the same - first for Received and Sent afterwards.
In v.9 this feature is gone and you need write again the same thing for Sent or Received, as the app is ignoring or forgetting the previous placed Search text.

Can you bring this feature back please?


The previous search names will appear if you click “Recent History” when you click the “Dropdown arrow” at the end of the search field at the top right of eM Client.


I don’t need such complicated search nor creating new search folder with sent and received together.
Just want to check the last Sent specific messages and by the same topic AS SEPARATE list - Received and here comes the v.9 drawback compared to the v.8.
Just bring this feature back, is it so complicated?

Can you not just click “Recent History” after typing the same current search name or recipient name ?

Look, I write the word say: emclient in search and click All folders in Received and then when I click all Sent folders, the word emclient is gone…
In v.8 was there.

when I click all Sent folders, the word emclient is gone…

After clicking the Sent folders, click the “Dropdown arrow” in the search and click Recent History" and you can then click em client again without retyping and will automatically then search after clicking.


If you then go back to your “Received” Inbox or All Inboxes folders, again there will be nothing in the search, but you just do the same as the above screenshot to being back the same search results.

Note:- I would just like to see eM Client Devs update eM Client to remember the recent history search results after you “close and reopen” the program as its currently ghosted again on reopen.

OK, I see it now.
So I paid for the upgrade which is less functional as I need two more clicks now to have that what was available instantly before and now is dug in the menu.

Well, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.