Search in calendar leads to crash of emClient 7.1.33101.0

emClient crashes imediately after posting a search with uper right search field and can not be restarted without killing remaining three (?? !!) emClient threads by hand.

It seems that most of the issues you are experiencing are not normally experienced, nor reproducible. There might be something specific with your Windows setup, or other software that you have installed. I suggest you open a support ticket with eM Client and see what they have to say.

I don’t think so. Because all errors occur identically on three diffent computers, with different setups of emClient. And before placing an error message I check carefully several times if it is an reproduceable error (… on three different computers).

Opening support tickets typically leads to – nothing. Sometimes, there are appologies and “will be fixed in a future version”-blabla, but I can not see, that error messages are taken seriously.

Nevertheless, the crash reports are sent – without any reply currently.

I am still not able to reproduce this on two test computers running different versions of Windows 10. All I can say is that it must be something specific to what you have configured or installed. Even something common to the three computers. Otherwise we would have seen this problem reported by all users of 7.1.33101. I don’t recall seeing the rush of questions about it.

Opening support tickets leads to everything. If the developers are not aware of an issue, it brings it to their attention. If they are aware of the issue, then at least you get some qualified feedback. Any information that you can provide will absolutely help in fixing a problem. If you decide not to contact support, that is your choice, but that does not help the situation in any way. The promise that it will be fixed in a future version is excellent news. At least you know that it can and will be fixed. :slight_smile:

Sometimes the ticket takes a day or so for a reply. If it is urgent, you can mark the ticket as such when you open it. There are 6 levels of priority, so choose one that is appropriate.