Search ignores non-alphanumeric characters

emClient Pro 8.2.1706
Windows 10 Home x64 21H2

I do a search on “6.01” (sans quotes). Instead of finding e-mails, if any, that have that exact string, eM Client finds all e-mails with “601”. I even tried an advanced search, but also found e-mails with “601”. The period character is critical, and should not be discarded. I even quoted the search string as “6.01” with the double-quotes, but still got search results on 601 (without the period character). I don’t want ANY characters ignored. I expect a better search than the loose search used by Google that also discards non-alphanumeric characters in the search string. How do I search on “6.01” which includes the period character?

I used both the searchbox at the top right corner of eM Client’s window, and the advanced search, both of which searched across “All folders”.

Note: I did notice an anomaly in the advanced search. I selected “content”, and input “6.01”. Instead of the search query as “content:6.01”, I got “content:6.01,6.01”. The search criteria was duplicated. I edited the search query to “content:6.01”, but the search still found articles with “601” (no period character).

I searched the online help (, and searched on “search” to see if there was an article on how to perform searches. No search hits were about how to perform a search.

Before posting here, I did search these forums on “search”, but none of the discussions addressed the issue of eM Client’s search discarding or ignoring non-alphanumeric characters. After several pages, I gave up hunting through the mess. I finally figured out to click on the 3-bar icon in the search input element to get to advanced search, and searched on “search” only in the titles. That still brought up page after page of non-relevant articles. After about 5 pages (the search results page is one of those never-ending pages that keep appending more content when you hit the end of the page - the page keeps growing when you hit the end of the current page), I gave up.


— Aside —

I went to the forums at, but needed to create an account. However, there is no “Create new account” link there for me to create a new account, and my login credentials (that worked here) were rejected there. How do paying customers get support if they are locked out of the support forum? There is no “Contact Us” web form to get support.

I tried using Menu → Help → Get Support in the program, but all that does is take me to the same login page that has means of creating a new account.

I found your Support | Remote Assistance | License Manager | eM Client web page, clicked on “Enterprise On-Line Support Center” under the Pro section, and was taken to the same useless login page that has no means to create a new account.

There is a “VIP Support” hyperlink near the bottom of your site’s web pages, but again that takes me to the useless forum login page.

I noticed the “Forum” hyperlink at the bottom of the web pages that took me finally to here. If eM Client Inc isn’t going to support their support pages/forums then REMOVE THE LINKS to that useless login page.

I have no idea if tech support visits these forums, but it is the only remaining contact venue. They have definitely made finding a support venue very difficult. With that behavior, I sure wouldn’t recommend this product for corporate use. Support for paid customers should not be a tribulation of hunting through their web site. I was nearly to the point of figuring I wouldn’t get any help, and would start planning on replacing eM Client with BlueMail.

If you are a “current active” eM Client Pro customer and don’t know or cannot remember your Pro Support login, click the “Lost password” on that page, and then enter your email address to reset it

I have no idea if tech support visits these forums, but it is the only remaining contact venue

Yes eM Client do look at the free forum and sometimes do comment on posts.

If this period character search problem you are having doesn’t currently have a way to fix that in the current search, then I’m sure that will be updated in a future eM Client release.

But how do new users create new accounts? A password reset, if it works, would only allow the action on existing accounts.

I went through the password reset process which sent me an e-mail. I must’ve had an old account by the same e-mail address (luckily it hasn’t changed in a very long time). I’ll submit a ticket over there.

Yet I’m still curious how new users create new accounts? New users would never think clicking “Lost password” would let them create a new account.

Thanks for the hint on how to login using my old account (which I didn’t think I had). When I look at a list of my prior tickets, there were none.