Search Function Version 9 not working properly

Search without any keyword does not find an e-mail
If i ad the keyword subject: the mails will be found
This issue started after I updated to version 9 (9.2.2157 )
The mails are storded local through imap connection
I tried to reapair the account, or create new account, doesn’t help.

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It may be that you are not selecting the correct folders and fields for the search.

Before you do the search, click the down arrow in the Search Box. Select the most inclusive options like in the attached screenshot. Don’t worry if you don’t have the Archive option, it is only there if you are using archiving.

Also, if you are using the server search option, it may be that your server doesn’t support this, so there are no results. Disable that option.


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Thank you
wrong selection in the search options was the solution