Search function is not returning all emails.

When I search for an email in the body of the email, the results are only a small fraction of what should be there. Confirmed on my webmail that the results should be higher in number.

Why is this? On latest version, win 10. 

Assuming your account is IMAP, by default emClient only downloads message headers. The body is downloaded when the message is selected. Therefore, searching the message body will not work. By going to menu/tools/accounts/imap and check “Download messages for offline use”, the message body will be downloaded and stored locally and thus searches of the message body will return the appropriate results.

Did you check these options ?

This sounds like the right answer, trying it now and will update!

Yes I did in fact.

I have a different sort of problem with search: it tends to return too many results — messages that do not contain the search string within the headers or message body (that I know of).

just guessing:

Since Messages with styled (?) Text are coded in HTML: perhaps the string you searched, is  part of the HTML-Code?
Or part of the Routing-Information in the header of the message?


Yep, all works, cheers Jay.