Search for rules

I’m using more thean 300 rules and are often in the situation to reorganize them. So it would very helpful to have the opportunity to search for a keyword in rules (ideally with regular expressions). A result list of a search should allow to mark the found rules for deletion, movement, …

Thank you very much


Try here: Suggestions - [email protected]

Hey, two years later, same problem. I can’t identify a rule that says “cannot move mail, target folder doesn’t exist”. And why is the rule process stopped? There is no reason not to continue with the next rule! There are no options to search or sort rules by any criteria. Is the only solution to delete all (500+) rules to delete one errorness??? I’m thinking about to change to another email client :frowning:

Hello search in rules feature is now internally implemented and will be included in one of the future updates. Thank you for your suggestions.

Really looking forward to being able to search rules. Scrolling through the rules is very painful.

Little update concerning 9.2 :frowning:

While applying rules I get an error: “Zielordner wurde nicht gefunden: ” (Target folder not found).

Instead of skipping this single errorness rule and continueing with the next rule the complete process is stopped - with tons of unapplied rules.

Hoped to find the failed rule by the announced new search feature. But the search expression doesn’t use the target folder as criteria!? No chance.

So trying to guess the rule to delete is more than painful. Scolling to a rule (out of hundreds) is no fun and why the hell jump this list to the first entry after deleting a rule???

Sorry guys are you serious? This version is concerning rule managment still unusable.