Search folders not visible without scrolling

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a search folder.

  2. Ensure search folders are displayed under Smart Folders.

  3. Expand the Search Folders item under Smart Folders.

The Smart Folders section is only given enough vertical space for the Search Folders item when it is not expanded. The user has to scroll to view the search folders.

We are aware of this issue but it has low priority so I cannot tell you when exactly it will be fixed.

How low is “low priority” ?

I am testing emClient currently and I stumbled into this, because I was perplexed about no search folders available after creation – they where but I could not see them, because there is no visibible scrollbar while no cursor hovers over the “smart folders” area.

I can not understand, why the smart folder area behaves different to the other folders. This is quite strange (using current version, downloaded today, 207-11-14).

Yes, always a problem, and no fix in sight.

Scroll bars are hidden by default in the Modern Theme. If you change to e.g. System Theme, the scroll bars will always be visible.