Search folders generate wrong results for tagged and untagged emails tags


  • Not all the emails without a colour tag appear in search results aimed at filtering those out (to then be able to give them a colour tag)
  • Properties - view - see PIC1
  • Note: tag choices seem to be both “no tag” and “none”
  • Note2: I am aiming to do this across multiple email accounts hence the multiple Inbox folders selected.
  • Q: why can’t I add a second criteria of another tag, in one selection……Seems not possible?

  • This filter does not include sufficient emails

  • So create a second search folder - “none” - See PIC2

  • This seems to include all the emails in the above “no tag” selection,
  • but annoyingly also includes some mails tagged with another colour flag and so which should be excluded from this search result / filtering.
  • See PIC3

=> What am I doing wrong


Is no one else using tags in this way; and getting what seems the wrong results? Makes them pretty useless as a filtering tool!..