Search Folder Logic

Hi, I’m currently test driving eM Client for the second or third time, and I’m having trouble figuring out what search folder logic does and doesn’t exist in the latest version…

What I’d like to do: have one Search Folder which contains mail from specific mailboxes that contains either unread OR flagged mail - I can easily create one for unread messages and one for flagged messages, but combining the settings in a single mailbox act as an AND operator. I’d even be OK creating two search folders and then combining them into one, but I can’t figure out if that’s possible either.

I’ve seen a lot of messages with similar questions, but most are rather old, and I’m really hoping that progress on this has been made with the latest version(s). Unfortunately, this is a bit of a dealmaker in terms of how I handle email, so if I can’t do this, I’m back to Postbox…

thanks for any help!

You can’t do an OR with two different fields.

You could create two Search folders, but we already have those as Favorites. You can combine two actual folders into a single Search folder, but you can’t combine two Favorites or Search Folders into another Search folder. So it can’t be done with a Search folder.

But . . . .

You can filter the Unread folder by only flagged, and you can filter the Flagged folder only by unread. So it can be done like that, though it is not permanent.


Thanks, Gary!

Unfortunately, after playing around for a few days, I’ve found this is a really hard habit to break in terms of how I deal with email, so I’ll have to check back in for future releases.