Search Folder configuration

I have 4 search folders configured with email addresses in the “From” and “To” keyword lines. 3 work as expected. The 4th one does not. I put 2 email addresses in the “From” keyword line and get the expected results. BUT when I put the same two email addresses also on the “To” keyword line the search returns NO results. I’ve tried in folder #4 just one in each “From” and “To” and this does not work either. However, when I delete the “To” address and leave only “From” folder #4 it works again.

Suggestions appreciated for how to make folder #4 work like folders 1,2 and 3.

It depends on what you are trying to do.

If you have something like this, and you don’t have conversations enabled, it is looking for single messages that 123@ has sent to themselves:

If conversations are enabled, it looks for whole conversations where 123@ is a sender of some messages and a recipient of other messages in that conversation.

If you are just looking for messages where 123@ is either a recipient or sender, regardless of conversations, you can use the Email field. You will need to add it using the Choose fields option.