Search folder and apply rules

I have 10 accounts added to my eM Client which receive +200 emails each/day.

For my work I made:

  1. a “Search folder” named “food” using these instructions “Search Query”: subject,body,email,attachmentName,attachmentContent:pizza,hamburger (searching All Inboxes)
  2. a “Search folder” named “cars” using these instructions “Search Query”: subject,body,email,attachmentName,attachmentContent:audi,mercedes (searching All Inboxes)

My question is how can I apply rules to copy/move/forward only emails from these folders (food or/and cars) automatically, NOT manually; (when a new email is received and meet any criteria from search folder, follow the rule applied to that folder and copy/move/forward):
emails resulting in food, copy/move/forward to Local folder1/
emails resulting in cars, copy/move/forward to Local folder2/

The other emails received which will not appears in these folders (food or/and cars) should not to be affected by the applied rule.
I tried to make rules directly from “Rules” (with words in body or subject)+another rule for attachment, without success, sometimes hit the point sometimes not so I have to use “Search folder” for this - best result!

Any ideea how to do this?

Well, what you can’t do in a Rule, that you can in a search, is attachment name or content.
So all you would have in the Rule is:

And of course another for cars.

You’re right, but this, sometimes works and sometimes not, for unknowns reason.
Also attachment name and content is requested for my work.

The best result was when I used Search folder, but for now the only way I can manage it is to manually copy/move the resulting emails.

If my request isn’t possible, maybe I should make a feature request…Maybe I’m lucky

Thanks for your answer @Gary!