Search Folder - All Trash/Junk Folders - Returns empty results?

OK so I’ve taken it upon my self to make “smart folders” of my 5 accounts for inbox, sent, drafts, junk and trash - because you dont have them except for the inbox, but the inbox one you provide includes my gmail account and this is not desired.

Anyway, creating a search folder and then selecting the 5 inbox folders, or 5 sent folders etc, and choosing no other options or criteria gives me exactly what I want. Perfect! However the problem I’m having is when I do this exact same process with all 5 trash folders, nothing shows up in my search folder when I do in fact have trash emails in at least one of the accounts.

Do you have any idea why the search folder will not return emails from the trash folders when I’m specifically telling it to look inside trash folders?


I’m also having this same issue with “junk” folders.

Hi Richard,
we are aware of this issue and we have fixed it in version 7, which we’ll hopefully release soon.

Best regards,

Sounds good! How long until version 7 is released? any estimates?

Unfortunately we won’t have any estimates before the Alpha testing phase ends.
We post any news on v7 progress directly to our Facebook ( and Twitter ( though, so you can keep an eye on these for the release date.

Best regards,