'Search' does not find as much detail as Mozilla Thunderbird did

I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird for a long time and decided to try this eM Client. The features are very good and the presentation is extremely elegant. I am thinking of buying the full version. However, when I am trying to look for something, I find that the ‘Search’ function does not find what I want. I still have the Thunderbird client looking at the same Gmail IMAP server, and it always finds exactly what I am looking for every time. Am I missing a setting or is a full ‘search’ only available as a paid for feature?

Which version do you have? (curious)

The latest ‘free’ one downloaded a week r so ago. 6.0.x (I am on a different machine at the moment so can’t check the point number).

Perfect - then it is not the newest :wink: ! I am waiting for that one and it is said to have much better search functions!

I haven’t noticed any difference in the search functionality between 6 & 7. A couple of important notes:

  1. If you are searching message body, make sure ‘download messages for offlline use’ is turned on for the account you are attempting to search.
  2. Make sure to use the search keywords (e.g., text:, to:, etc.). Just entering a string does not produce the intended result. Entering ? in the search box will give you a list of the available keywords.

I have personally found that the search function works very well in emc.

OK - it is 6.024928.0 and I have just enabled the IMAP download for offline use for messages and attachments. That may well be the solution. Thanks everyone!