Search cancelation

Hi, it’d be nice to clear search box when the search is cancelled (I mean when we click on the cross, in the search box, to come back to previous view.)

(I’m speaking of the search box in the main view of the app, to filter current view)

Hi, when you use the search feature and confirm your search criteria (e.g. your search result appear), a red x as you mentioned should appear in the search field, by clicking on the red x, the search criteria should be cleared as well as your search results.
Are you having issues with this?
What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,

ok, so it might be a bug then…
I have just tried again, when I click the red cross, the search criteria is not cleared.

I had just (re)installed the latest version (update showed up this morning) : 6.0.20489.0
running on Win7, french setup.

Thanks for this great email client, best outlookalternative working amazingly well with gmail!


Hi again, do you think it would be possible to make a screenshot of this issue/bug?

Thank you,

ok, I’ll even explain what I’m doing, because screenshots do not show everything… :slight_smile:

  1. So first : Viewing all my inboxes, default folder:

  2. Then I click in the search field,
    Enter “em”
    (press escape not to select the first suggested contact)
    Press Enter.

    List is filtered alright (I guess).

  3. I click on the red cross.
    (The mouse doesn’t display, but it’s supposed to still be on the red cross area.)
    Red cross disappears and list is reset, but searched text doesn’t get erased.

I hope it helps.

I’ll also add, that searching for a “real” contact instead of a word, doesn’t change the behaviour.

Hi again David, thank you for the screenshots it actually cleared a lot. This is currently not considered an issue, as when you click on the red cross, the search field is still an active area allowing you to just adjust the search instead of typing it all again (if needed).

Although I understand this might be a bit annoying sometimes, I’ll check with the developers if this might be adjusted for future releases.

Thank you for understanding,

I’d agree with David. I have seen that before and it can be a little confusing that the text you last searched for is present in the search field, however, the search results have been canceled.

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when I press on the cross, I expect to cancel the search (and the text field), not modify it. Otherwise I would have changed the text while still active, to refine my search…

Moreover, it becomes kinda weird when the search text is present and the list is not filtered…

At last, the search history is great and sufficient to grab back the last searched words if necessary. :slight_smile:

(Anyway, I feel I still have a lot of cool features to discover ! Thanks for that!)

Hi again, thank you for the suggestion, as I mentioned I’ll try to check with the developers if this could be improved for future releases.

Thank you for understanding, if you come across any other questions or issues with the application, let us know, we’ll be happy to help.