Search By Jumping To Folder

Hi Guys, I have many subfolders (each with the name of one of my contacts) under my Inbox. In Outlook I can highlight the “Inbox” folder and begin typing and it will jump to a folder underneath based on what I’m typing (if I type “Cody” it will jump to folders starting with “Cody”) but it looks like this functionality is broken in eM Client.

I received a response to this in a “Question” thread earlier which was to highlight the Inbox folder in blue by double clicking it and then start typing to search but the result is that it will only jump to the first folder starting with “C” than jump to folders starting with "o, then “d” and so on.

I’m wondering if this will be fixed in a future release or if there is some way to customize this functionality as this is the only thing preventing us from migrating from Outlook.

Hi, have you tried to open your collapsed subfolders before you started typing?


Hi, sorry again for the late response. My subfolders aren’t collapsed as far as I know. Basically my folder structure looks something like this before I start trying to search:

Inbox (Highlighted in blue)
Andrea (subfolder under Inbox with messages from Andrea)
Bruce (subfolder under Inbox with messages from Bruce)
Cam (subfolder under Inbox with messages from Cam)
Cody (subfolder under Inbox with messages from Cody)
David (subfolder under Inbox with messages from David)
Fred (subfolder under Inbox with messages from Fred)
Other (subfolder under Inbox with messages from Other)
Steve (subfolder under Inbox with messages from Steve)

When I start typing it will jump to the “Cam” folder then to “Other”, then “David” and so on instead of just going to the “Cody” subfolder. I’m kind of stumped on this one so any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


I’m having trouble replicating the issue you’re having. It works properly in my client.
What version of eM Client are you using?

You always need to make sure that the folder you want to go through is highlighted blue (aka double click it and make it active), you should be able to use the keyboard to quick-jump to that folder.


Hi, right now I’m using the single free licensed of eM Client version 6.0.19861.0 on Windows 7. Even trying to search within the default “Categories” folder (under Smart Folders) it behaves the same way. For example, if I try and search for “Green” it will jump to the “Green” folder but then immediately jump to “Red” because it starts with an “r”. “Red” will only work properly because there are no other folders that start with an “e”.

yes if this is the only issue, than unfortunately everything is working properly.
The quick-jump should only work with the first letter switching between folder by typing the specific name or even by specifying it with the second letter is not supported.

I’m sorry if this is troubling you,
I hope you can still manage to use the feature.

Thank you,

Thanks Paul. We’ve also been testing Air Mail for Mac and they’ve implemented a pretty awesome search feature which I think would be a great in eM Client if you guys decide to expand the search functionality in the future.

Thanks again,

Thanks for the suggestion.
If you’d like to see an improvement in eM Client you can always make an “Idea” post and we might use it as an inspiration for future releases.