Search bar doesn't search actual email address!

If I search for emails from an address (using search bar top right, with one of the ‘sender’ options ticked in the search options drop down), emclient only searches the name rather than the actual address, e.g. if I’ve received emails from the name “John Smith” and I search for John or Smith or ‘John Smith’ they get found, but I get emails with no name but a from address of ‘[email protected]’ and I search for ‘johnsmith’ - they don’t get found! Proving that a sender search doesn’t search the actual sender email address field - this is nuts! Any chance of fixing or am I missing something?


There is something not right there. I guess you call it a bug. :slight_smile:

Try "johnsmith

try johnsmith*.  eM Client searches from the beginning of a word and looks for the whole word, not just a string, so you have to use wildcards.  So, also *smith* would work.

Also, make sure the correct options are set for the search:

By the way, it’s always better to use the search keywords-- e.g., from:johnsmith*.  Much quicker and gives more refined results.

With just sender selected from the drop-down, sometimes something like johnsmith will work. When it doesn’t work I always start with " then it works. Weird.

You know, something happened to the search function in a way-back release (in the 5’s I believe) where not using a search keyword suddenly gave odd results.  I submitted a ticket at that time, but they could never satisfy me with their explanation.  That’s mainly why I always use the keyword.

That is a neat trick. Also it does not matter then what the drop-down field is set to, it only uses the keyword. You have no idea how many times I was not able to find a sender I was looking for because I had previously selected subject and not changed it back.

Thanks Jay.