Scrolling problem

I’m still hoping someone can come up with an answer as to why my mouse won’t scroll in a message box, either within the client or as a standalone window. My eM is Version 7.1.32088.0, which I believe is current. The mouse scrolling works everywhere else on my machine. The PS2 driver is up-to-date.

It does scroll if I hold down the Alt key. Very puzzling …

If you are a pro user, submit a support ticket.  They are pretty quick about responding.

I also have this problem: support suggested various things such as update drivers, see if any updates had been installed. Then miraculously the problem just resolved for 2 days but now it’s back and I can’t scroll in a message 

So what changed? Did any Windows update take place since it was working?

No updates just started when I re-booted the system. Next time I re-booted the problem started again and now after countless re-boots still will not scroll in EmClient

I guess you will have to go back to Support for a solution.

I noticed that ericynot is using a PS2 mouse driver. Are you using the same?