scrolling categories from the right click menu

I have an extensive list of categories and when I right click an email to assign a category from that menu, the list spans above and below the screen.  There are grey arrow bars a the top and the bottom, but the only way to scroll is to use my arrow keys.  this needs to be changes so that either the scroll wheel on the mouse or when the cursor moves over the grey arrows automatically scrolls the list.

Hello Pat,
unfortunately the Category list is implemented using the same solution as Windows OS lists that are used when you have more than one instance of a program opened (for example when you have numerous windows of Notepad open and they are stacked - when this list spans over the screen, you can also only move by arrows).
Therefore changing this functionality is not exactly a trivial problem and would mean rewriting bigger part of the application.
I’ll mark your topic as an idea thread and if more users experience the same issue/would need the same change, our team can consider reworking the menu lists completely.