Scrolling bar at the bottom of email composition window always visible

In email composition window there is scrolling bar at the bottom.
This should disappear whenever all items are displayed and only
be displayed when text or an image is too big to be fully displayed.

Hi, can you please provide a screenshot? I am not sure which scrolling bar do you mean.

Which window do you mean? Horizontal scrollbar on the bottom in the New Message window behaves the way you described.

It seems to only happen when I reply to email of persons who have background image in their email.
The image is small, it is tiled texture.

I wasn’t able to simulate it. Seems to work fine for me. Could you please send screenshot as requested above?

Note you can resize this window across two monitors and it will still show the same.

I’m sorry but I still can’t make it happen. You wrote it happened when you replied. I guess it does not happen when you reply to mail from eM client. Could you send the mail you tried to reply to [email protected] ?

Thanks for the mail. Problem is in the code of the mail you are replying to. Mail was made in IncrediMail client and after adding vertical line for replies content is always bigger so scrollbar never disappears.