scroller launches on bottom

When i launch eMclient the scroll bar is always all the way on the bottom so i have to scroll up to see the most recent messages. Is this a bug or some intended behavior with some setting that i missed?

I updated yesterday and this bug is really anoying.

what version do you experience this issue with?
What is the Show on startup setting in the Menu>Tools>Settings>General section?


Version 7.0.27943.0


hi olivia thanks for the reply … i have inbox selected in that section.

thank you for the additional information, it  is definitely not a designed behavior, did this start happening only after the latest update?

honestly im not sure when this started.

but i just found out when i change it global inbox it works fine … i changed it back to inbox and again it starts at the bottom… strange

I used version 6 before, so I cannot tell when it started.

Latest Update didn’t fix this issue. Is there any hope getting this fixed?