Scroll to top function accessibility

The “Home” function to scroll to the top of the inbox is vital since I frequently find myself with the scrollbar thumb very far from the current emails at the top (eg: after looking at an email in search results).

I can’t figure out how to change the shortcut though - I can’t see it in:
Menu → Settings → Shortcuts
Where can I change the shortcut?

I also cannot put it on the toolbar - it does not appear in:
(Toolbar Context Menu) → Customize…
How can I add the Home function to the toolbar?

This is an accessibility issue since I am often not physically able to use the keyboard… where possible I browse & read emails via mouse only and it’s awkward to grab the scroll thumb and move it to the top.

A button in the dead space above the top of the scrollbar would be ideal:
but even on the toolbar would be an easy win improvement.


I don’t know that you can put the Home on the toolbar along the top.

However the following thread might be helpful for you for different options you can do if you are wanting to get to the top of your Inbox.

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