Scroll crash

eM Client crashes frequently when I try to scroll the message list using keyboard up/down arrows. v3.0.9543.0, Win7 64-bit.

I wasn’t able to simulate this issue.
Do you get any error message when it crashes?

I can’t replicate this behaviour at present, so must have been an issue with that day’s activity. All I can remember is that the error message mentioned eM Client was checking the database before closing down. If it happens again I’ll post
Thanks jk

Problem occurred again today, not even reboot solved it. This is the error message:

Hello John,
the error apparently occurs when an event invitation is selected in the list. How were the emails in that particular folder put into the client - was it through import (if so, from which program) or is it a IMAP or POP3 account’s folder?


@rocketmail IMAP account