Screenshot IMAP4 settings Using Your Contacts,Agenda and Tasks

Settings Menu for your contacts,agenda and tasks using with your Outlook(Hotmail) accounts with IMAP4 server settings

I;t would be nice if this settings menu goes automaticly with the IMAP4 Server settings and automaticly assigned to your contact list as with Gmail IMAP4 Server settings and the pop3 server automatic settings with on this moment with selecting the Agenda and Contacts to my accounts with the IMAP4 Server Settings the accounts are still not assigned to my contactlist.
On the moment if you can see from the screenshot your Agenda,Contacts and Tasks,but there is missing a Birthday option wich you can see your friends birthdays,this feature is added to the pop3 Server settings from Outlook(Hotmail) and the IMAP4 Server Settings from Gmail but is missing at the IMAP4 Server Settings from Outlook(Hotmail)

Hopefully it can be added to future upgrades from EmClient

Hi again Geert, I don’t see any screenshot attached, you could have just attach it to our previous conversation.
While composing a new reply, click on the camera button and wait for it to upload then click ok and the screenshot should appear in the message.

Or just send me the screenshot to [email protected]

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I has forgot the screenshot added to my post and i just finger it out that i should use the camera button to upload and post the screenshot,thanks for your previous reaction,i have just edit my post with the screenshot

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Hi, I discussed this issue with the developers and actually have a apology for you, because IMAP on only supports email services and no Calendars. doesn’t use CalDav/CardDav calendars and contacts as for example Gmail does, and that’s basically the reason why we keep using AirSync as default.

So in order to see the Calendars you’d have to switch back to the original settings.

Sorry for the confusion, hope you can manage to use either of these settings.