Screen Flickering & Corruption

I’m experiencing screen corruption when I have the eM client window open. I have a seizure disorder and this problem is making the software not just difficult to use, but dangerous. Has anyone found a solution to this?

Hi Jeremy,
is there any error pop up when this happens? Does it happen with no other applications? What version of eM Client are you running? I’m sorry to hear about this issue and hope you can somehow safely test this.

Best regards,

I have the same issues o windows 10 all updates are installed. 

I have similar problems:

  1. Often the V7-Menu appears above other windows thought emClient is behind and the menu shouldn’t be visible at all.
  2. Sometimes I’m not able to give the “new-Mail”-window the focus with alt-tab. It simply doesn’t appear.
  3. Rarely I got black “scratches” in other windows, probably caused by emClient.

I’m using windows-7 with all updates.
Kind of special are my desktop-settings: I’m using the windows-classic-style.

Thanks a lot, regards

Have you tried updating your video drivers through hardware manufacturer’s website?