Scheduling mail

Hi all,

I am new to EM Client. So far I found that the only way to receive all my mail on my 2 computers and cell phone is to set up a POP email account and turn off sync. I am switching over from Outlook which I was able to auto schedule incoming email. Is there a way to auto check for new emails using a POP account setup with EM Client? 

Yes, but you will have to set it up manually.

Go to Menu > Tools > Accounts and add a new account by clicking on the + icon.

Then, instead of using the Automatic Setup, click on Mail > Other.

After entering your email address, you will be able to select POP3.

Thank you for your reply Gary.  Yes I had used the manual setup to create my POP3 account but I still don’t see any option for scheduling incoming mail time?

The option is not that advanced that you can select a time to sync, but you can schedule it to sync every 10 minutes or whatever, or do it manually.

To setup the sync interval, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Synchronization. Choose a time period for the interval or untick Synchronize items every x minutes. If you untick that, you will need to manually sync with the server by clicking the Refresh button.