schedule email campaign

Hi guys,

I have to say that the simple fact that we have (really) a place to tag an idea for a program that we use is a remarkable feature…

But my suggestion about the program is about SCHEDULE.

I am my company.
I need to find the clients, talk to them, then send them a message.
But I need to send them another different messages at certain periods offering different products (templates that I have to “build”).

It should be great if I could setup those templates to be send at some certain period for those clients, automaticaly, you know?

So, I could pick what template would be sent and when, how many reps, and how long the program should keep sending them.

So, I could call my clients and talk about the last messages the got and try to sell something…

What do you think?

Hi Marcelo, what you’re describing is currently not possible in eM Client, this is an advanced feature that has not been considered for implementing, however just as I noted, you can still create templates for your clients, just go to Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures and use the Template setup to create a template for your clients, all you need to do after is to create a new email from this template and send it to a distribution list or a number of people as mass mail to open the conversation.

We’ll make sure to consider adding some automatic options for future releases.

Also please note eM Client is a paid application and you are not entitled to use the free license if you’re using the application for home/personal use. If you’re using the free license against the terms of use, your license will be suspended.

Thank you for understanding,

Thanks, Paul.

In fact, those “simple templates” (not so simple at all) method is not enough for a sales-man like me (hehehehe…)

The problem is that I have to build new templates almost every week with new products and different ways to talk about them. And some have to be addressed to a specific client profile, some to a different one.

And mostly, they have to deliver some attachments with 'em…

So, even with the cool way that eM Client deals with templates - it is very nice and useful - it’s not as “advanced” as a sales-man needs to make him a similes-man about this “anoying” need to keep all your costumers on track everyday, you know…?

And talking about commercial use, well, maybe Gmail is a free email spot, too, but you cannot guarantee that 100% of all messages that they have there are not commercial…

I am trying eM Client and looking for what I can and cannot do.

I don’t have any international credit card or enought money to buy this program, yet.

So, what am I supposed to do?
Don’t even try it?

Thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider improving templates for future releases, but it is not on a list of planned features currently.
This is currently not a supported scenario for eM Client’s template feature.

Thank you for understanding,