Saving eM Client Password in Edge

When logging-in to eM Client, I have to enter my password each time but it says that my password was saved by Microsoft Edge but eClient not listed in its list of saved passwords. Suggestions, please.


When you say “logging-in to eM Client”, do you mean this forum?

If you saved the passwords in your browser, then it will be for this url:

I was told by a Microsoft support person that eM Client was an “app” & passwords for “apps” are not saved. I use eM Client as my email server & when I logged-in to eM Client previolusly, entered my password, Edge said that my password was saved! When I went into Edge, selected “Settings>Passwords”, eM Client was not listed! Each time I log-in to eM Client, I have to enter my password again!


Do you mean you set a start-up password for eM Client?

That is not saved in Edge as the eM Client application has nothing to do with your browser in that respect.

Well, Gary, that seems to confirm what I was told by the Microsoft rep, so I guess I’ll just have to enter my PW each time I log-in! Thanks for your help!


You can remove the password required on start by going to Menu > Settings > Password Protection, unticking the option then clicking on OK.