saving copy of sent message

I am running eMClient 7.0 with two accounts, one POP and one IMAP.  Although both are set to save a copy of outgoing messages to its “sent items” folder, the POP one quit saving them a couple of months ago.  All subsequent messages seem to have been lost.  How can I fix this?  Any chance I can recover my lost messages?


since POP never synchronizes to the server, the Sent items would be only saved in your database.
Have you perhaps removed/reset your account recently?
Is there any error message when you send messages?


Thanks, Olivia.  I haven’t changed, removed or reset the (Roadrunner) account.  I also haven’t received any error messages.  It just quit saving the messages in November, and hasn’t saved one since.  (It’s possible I may have done an EMClient update, but I don’t remember it.)

Any resolution to this? I am having
the same problem

Nope, I still have the problem, Kamille.  The only way I can save a copy is to cc myself with every outgoing message.  I seldom remember to do that.