Saving addresses and changing default contact list

My boss does a lot of business on Ebay. Whenever something sells he receives an email from Paypal. When he tries to save the buyer’s email, he has to go through several steps to get the correct email address into the folder he wants to be his default folder. Example: Joe Smith(via PayPal) is what is saved. He then has to go to the body of the email where the user’s actual email is, right click on it and copy it… go back into contacts, find the person’s entry, replace the with the buyer’s actual email.

Is there a way he can simply right click on the buyer’s actual email address listed in the body of the message and save it to a default contact list? Currently, if he right- clicks on the email his options are limited to copy the link address…



I am sorry for delayed answer, but this can be done easily when reading email - right click on address and select " add contact".


Hi John,

Maybe I didn’t explain my problem very well.

My boss gets 100’s of emails from Paypal showing a sale has occurred.

He will try to add them to a specific folder in his contacts.

If the screenshot came through- you’ll see the addresses I highlighted. When we right-click on them there is no option to “add contact”, just an option to “copy link address”.

Is there any way to make it when we right click on the actual buyer’s address it will offer to “add contact” instead of the copy link address? It would be so much better to have all the data migrate into the contact list as opposed to manually entering all the data.

I see now, but in your screenshot it is clearly visible that email came from , if all email are coming from this address then rules would use always this address.

Rules can be set to sort emails judging by their content, but they have to be made for every string, there is no option to create new folder from it with it’s name.