Saving a Message to a File


It would be great to have an option of saving a message as a PDF file without an added email header.

For example when you receive a nicely designed document, you probably want to save it in its original form.

You could alt choose “print to pdf” in eM Client which will then ask you to type a .pdf filename when you print.

True, but that also insert the same header in version 9.0.1708

The header is part of the message, so it will be there.

What you can do is select that part of the message you want to print, then right-click and choose Print.
In the dialogue, choose Print Selection Only, then use the Save as PDF button

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Thank you Gary, this worked. A coloured line at the bottom of the license info message couldn’t be selected, so it got lost, but all the other elements are there, without the header.

This is a pretty intricate workaround though, and I still feel like at least a direct save as PDF file with an option to select part of the message would be more intuitive.

And since it’s generally possible to pull such a thing off with extra steps on the user end, why not to allow excluding the message header as an option?