Saved chats have no content.

A chat that has ended will be saved in the folder “Chats”, but saved chats don’t show any conversation, they are empty.(Google Mail is used).

could you please specify what folder “Chats” do you mean? Maybe you could send me a screenshot. Thank you.

Hello George,
Thank you for your reply.
Integrated into Google Mail, Google offers a chat function, Google Talk. (There is the ability to use it in emClient too). Google saves chats automatically in a folder named chats. (Google uses tags instead of folders, but they appear as folders.) Saved chats appear in this folder, but there is no conversation in it. The following picture will show you.

Thanks, and have a nice weekend!

this is new function and I am not sure how it is synchronized so I cannot help you at the moment. We will investigate it and will try to fully implement it. This chat folder could not be even shown in eM Client until lately, because Gmail did not provide IMAP access.