Save message fails. No operations can be performed on it

I wrote a reply to a maiI just received. I now try to save it.
But I get

An error occured when saving message. Saving to file “Re[4]:…eml” failed due the following error: “Message was not completely downloaded and thus no operations can be performed on it.”

I get the same message when I try to save the mail that I’m replying to.

If I click on the send button I get another message
Couldn’t process the message because the following error occured. Consider selecting a different account to send messages from. Message was not completely downloaded and thus no operations can be performed on it

I don’t see any attachments or missing items. I just want to save the mail as I see it. I don’t care what else might be hidden/not downloaded.

I don’t see any red triangles in the emClient window.

My network is working properly, I can browse. I can send myself a test email with emClient properly. After that, the problem suddenly seems fixed. I can now save and send my mails again

You might want to login to your mail host and try processing the email there. Not unheard of that there may be something unique with the email that eM Client can’t handle. I have had experiences with other email clients over the years with malformed emails, etc

Thanks sunriseal for your suggestion.

But em client can handle it. After I sent myself a test mail it got working again.

Also my mail is on a corporate mailserver, no way I can ‘login’ there

Well glad you were able to get things back on track. But malformed email, over the years, has raised its ugly head, occasionally.

Gotta love computers… never a dull moment :grinning:

But this issue remains. I’m not sure what is causing it and what fixed it this time may not work next time… So I think this requires a bug fix but I don’t know how to file a bug report. is em Client reading this?

If you are a PRO user then there is a direct way to submit a support ticket.

Supposedly eM Client employees do keep an eye on the free forums.

Unfortunately this problem keeps haunting me.

Very often I just need to AGAIN press refresh and go through the password circus. Sometimes that also does not help. Sometimes I’m just offline and refresh will not work. This is extremely frustrating to the point of considering dumping em client.

I want a client that just works, I can do without all bells and whistles but save-mail and downloading mails to my client (computer) just HAS to work always.

Any other suggestions? Or maybe suggestions for a simple, always working client alternative?