"Save message as pdf" could be much improved

I usually don’t leave important messages on the server or in the emClient database, but prefer to save them as .eml or - more often - .pdf files in my file and folder system where they thematically belong.
emClient produces quite nice pdf’s, but the procedure seems awkward and a bit illogical to me:

1. When you want to save a message as pdf, you have to go the print-dialogue rather than to the “save as” dialogue.

2. When you click the button “save as pdf” after having finally found it in the print dialogue, the default file name is “message.pdf”. You have to cancel the dialogue, copy the original subject line, open the print dialogue again and paste the subject line into the appropriate field ---- only to find, that in many cases the title is not accepted because it contains special characters (:, ?, !, ",…) that are not acceptable in a file name.
When, on the other hand, you save a file as eml (“save as” dialogue) everything is striaightforward and logical: the default file name is the subject line of the message, automatically stripped of all unacceptale characters.
Suggestion/Idea : Move “save as pdf” to the “save as” dialogue.

3. pdf’s created by emClient are beautiful and fully functional: text can be selected and all links are retained - which is another reason that they belong in the save as dialogue rather than the print dialogue. But sometimes they are unwieldy large, especially if the message contains images. For example, a newsletter from Tray Ratcliff (extreme example containing many images) is converted to a 11.6 MB pdf by emClient, whereas the combination of Outlook and pdf-xChange Outlook add-in produces a 3.57 MB pdf file.