Save button

Is it possible to save an item (e.g. a task), without closing it? Coming from Outlook, I’m in the habit of hitting the save button when I’ve made a significant change to something in case I leave it open and Windows decides to install an update and restart, or the battery on my laptop dies unexpectedly (as it has been doing lately).

If it’s not possible to save without closing, what would happen under the circumstances? Would a task or calendar entry be saved in drafts?

Sorry AstroKat, there is no way to do that.

If you try and close eM Client without saving the event, you will be prompted for what you want to do. If the application crashes before the event is saved, it will be lost. There is no drafts folder for events or tasks.

You can change how Windows restarts after updates, and you can set Windows to automatically suspend or shut down if the battery goes below a certain charge. So other than manually ejecting the battery while Windows is running, you should be OK.

OK, thanks. Actually, it’s not possible to completely control when Windows 10 restarts. I recently upgraded to Professional to have more control over when it checks for updates/restarts but often it will restart anyway, and Home users don’t have much choice in the matter at all. The battery issue is a problem with my battery (it says it has an hour to go then, suddenly dies) but it’s not the first laptop I’ve had with similar issues (and this is a fairly new battery (under a year).

Maybe the save button should be a suggestion for an enhancement - do I start a new post for that?

In Windows 10 you can completely control when it will restart after an update. In the Pro version you can do it through Group Policies, with the option no auto-restart with logged on users. Otherwise I seem to remember that in the Home version, and in Windows 7 and 8 it can be done with a simple registry edit.

My suggestion: get a new battery. :slight_smile:

OK, I’ll look into the restart settings again. I remember being able to set it to never restart with Win 7 but not Win 10 (I skipped 8). I agree, I probably need another new battery but what about desktops and power outages? I still think there should be a Save button… :slight_smile: