Save button (rather than Save and Close)

I’m evaluating eM as a replacement for Outlook. I would be great to have a Save button that just saves the item you’re editing, rather than Save & Close. In Outlook, I like to hit Save periodically while working on a long item so it doesn’t get lost if something happens to the PC, then hit Save & Close when I’m done with it.

eM Client automatically saves drafts of your work on a periodic basis.  The frequency of the save intervals can be changed by going to menu/tools/settings/mail/compose and in the compose section you will see n option to change the default (which, I believe is 3 minutes).

Also, you can add a toolbar item to the new message window by clicking on the toolbar, select customize and add the save command.  You can then manually save a draft as often as you wish.

Just a note, drafts are deleted when you actually send the email and will appear in your trash folder.

I see the option for saving drafts of emails. What about tasks and calendar items?

Btw, does anyone from eM Client, Inc. monitor this forum?

Actually I’m not aware of anyway to save either a calendar item or task without closing it.  I’ve never really found that necessary.

While this is primarily a user forum, it is monitored by eM Client personnel and they will participate on occasion.  Remember, this is free software (unless you purchase the pro version, then you will get the pro support), so you can’t really expect to support it themselves.

No disrespect but when you wrote, “eM Client automatically saves drafts of your work on a periodic basis” that may not have been accurate. What about tasks and calendar items?

I’m very familiar with user forums but, usually, there are moderators and/or product representatives to ensure that the advice being given is correct.

If it’s “free software” does that mean that the advice is not as good? :slight_smile:

Btw, it is never really “free” - there is always a reason that the software is offered as a trial or a limited edition. It’s usually to entice users to upgrade to a better version, and/or to tell their friends how great it is…

I apologize for not reading your question completely.  I should have noted that tasks and calendars were part of the question.

One thing that differs eM Client from other “free” software is that the free version is fully functional, except for the limit of 2 email accounts.  For many people, this is fine and they will never need to upgrade as there is no “better” version.

eM Client’s participation in this forum is not consistent and I know they are trying to get the final Mac version out, so they have not been particularly active recently.  Other times they are more involved.

So, guess you’re stuck with us unless you go pro.

>So, guess you’re stuck with us unless you go pro.<

Well, it could be much worse… :slight_smile:

I have been impressed by the timely and articulate responses here! :slight_smile:

When entering an event to the calendar selecting “save” closes the program? I posted this question a year ago with no response? Why is there not an option to just “save” the entry and not close the program?

Having to re-open the program each time you enter an event is a pain in the butt! There should be an option to just “save” the entry and then allow you to continue to work within the program without having to re-open the program. Jay Organ posted " I have never found this necessary"? It is non-productive to have to keep re-opening the program to make further entries!

Maybe someone could respond to this as I may be missing something in the settings?

Thanking you in advance.

It certainly does not close the program when I save a calendar event, and my guess is nobody responded because they have not seen the problem either.  When I hit save, it just saves the event and the program continues to run.  Have you updated eM Client since you have had the problem?

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

Every time I hit “save” it closes the program? Yes I have updated the program every time there has been an update. Drives me crazy! Love the program but this situation is time consuming as I have a lot of calendar entries.

What type of calendar is this?  Have you tried deleting the calendar and reentering it?  If this does not work and assuming you are using IMAP or Exchange, you could delete the (possibly corrupt) database by:

1.  Close eM Client
2.  Go to c:\users[user_name]\AppData\Roaming and change the folder eM Client to eM Client.old
3.  Restart eM Client-- this will create a new database
4.  Reenter your account information and eM Client will resync the data

The calendar I am using is the calendar that is contained in EMC. I am not using any special alternative or third party calendar. By doing what you suggested will I lose all of the data currently contained within the calendar? 

Since you are using a local calendar don’t do what I suggested without doing a backup first.  After the backup is complete,  then do what is described above.  After you are done and you have a fresh database, go to menu/file/restore.