Save as PDF

Currently there is No Option to Save an email as PDF,

In todays world this is really a must.

You can use a Print to PDF function.

please advise where this print to PDF function is within emClient? i have search though tools and options and cannot locate it. or is this not built in ? and it is not the same as save to PDF if you need to use a third party software to print then save.

You need a PDF Creator/Printer software. You can try this free one:

After install, simply click on Print, and instead of choosing your printer, choose the PDF Printer to save to PDF.

The Client should be able to do this not 3rd party software

  • Even TB has an add-on to allow save to PDF.

It not as simple as its seems, and PDF isn’t as much as an ‘open standard’ as Adobe claims. Why do you think Thunderbird only has it as an ‘add-on’ not built-in? Why do you think even MS Outlook that cost US$100 also can’t? If you find TB’s add-on works better than the free PDF printer - use Thunderbird.

I might also suggest BullZip PDF Printer

I’ve used this for years…