save all attachments as one file not offered in the free license version?

I installed this program for my mom, and chose to use the free license (she is 88 and barely uses the program). Among the tests I’ve done with her, was to send a few pictures. I found that they cannot be all saved as one zip file, and she has to save them one by one. Pretty intense, if more than a couple of pics.
And one more question (not about download): is there no autozoom feature for pics? if the pic sent is the original size, it doesn’t fit in the small message window, and there is a lot of scrolling involved to see what is in that picture.

Other than the two issues, the program works very well - thank you for making available also a free license

I don’t think there is a difference between the Pro and Free version in this respect.

I am guessing that you are asking about saving attachments from a received message. Right-clicking in the area of the attachments, or the message body, gives the option to Save All Attachments so no need to do them one by one. I don’t recall there ever being an option to zip the attachments when saving them to disk.

From my experience, the size of the image in a received message is determined by the HTML tag for the image. If it is too large, you can zoom out. The easiest way is to hold the Ctrl key and scroll with the mouse wheel. Alternatively Ctrl + for in or Ctrl - for out. Ctrl 0 will reset the zoom.

Hi Gary. Thanks for answering my post. I replied by email, but it seems that it’s not set to get the emails back into the thread.

What is answered (after researching /testing a bit more):

  • eM Client works as intended with Gmail - shows the save attachments option. The fact that it allows to save all, is a great time saver. I have no real need to zip them (I kind of got that from another email program). in fact just saving them as they are is best for my use case.
  • that “save attachments” feature is grayed out when eM works on my mom’s Outlook mailbox. I only can save them one by one. Not very friendly at any age, but at 88??

Here is another finding.
The issue with the autozoom images in emails is present only in Outlook. The pictures received in gmail account are autozooming nicely, along with the change in size of eM window.
Perhaps the developers can check these out and see if there is something to correct in the way incoming email through Outlook is formatted.

I rushed with the last part. the displaying of picture attachments is inconsistent. some show just as attachments, some are shown in the email. The question is therefore bigger. What’s the reason for this variety of behaviours.

If you attach them as a picture they show in the email. If you attach them as a file, they show as an attached file.

Sure, if the image is embedded in the message, it is not an attachment, so therefore there is no attachment to save, nor will there be the option to do so.