Save A Sent Item To A Specific Folder

Is there an option to save a message to a folder when it is sent? At the moment all my mails go to the ‘sent’ folder and I have to mover them out to the folder that the message refers to.

jueves 04 agosto 2022 :: 1230hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hey @Richard128

Yes,you can automatically move a sent message to any folder by using Rules.
Menu ->Rules

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Hi Skybat

Thank you for the response. However, it doesn’t address what I really want to achieve, which to be able to save the message into a specific folder at the time I press ‘send’, effectively for the client to present me with a dialogue box so I can choose where the message goes to just before sending, instead of it going to the ‘sent’ folder…

The mail rules are useful to know, so I appreciate that.