Samsung Galaxy S2 & sync2em

I cannot get sync2em to work with my Samsung Galaxy S2. I have read the forum posts and see others have succeeded. The instructions on the website in no way resemble the inputs for my phone.

Please spell it out for me in kiddy speak. The prompts I get are:

Email Address : [email protected]
Password: XXXXXXX
I click Next and it checks for auto setup information.
I am then asked what sort of account. I select Microsoft Exchange.
The phone then retrieves account information.
It displays another panel with some of the settings completed.
Email address: [email protected]
Domain: I enter
User Name: I enter [email protected]
Password: XXXXX
I leave Accept all SSL certificates unchecked

I click the next button.

I receive the following error:

Setup could not finish.
Failed to search Exchange server automatically. Enter settings manually.

Needless to say, I have tried many varied combinations, but to no avail.

Would you please advise the correct settings.

Many thanks.

Apologies. I got it to work. I am not sure how.