same eM account on different computers

Hi, I’m new to eM . I own 2 laptops, an Ipad and an Iphone 4S. I would like to know if it is possible to have the same eM account on all of these devices, so that I can check mails and write without losing data on any of them ?  I only need one mail account, but I travel a lot for work and need to take different laptops with me,  for different needs…Thanks! 


yes, you can see your e-mail synchronized on all your devices. You will have to setup your e-mail  accounts as IMAP accounts, not POP3.

Note that eM Client will only work on Windows operating systems, so not on your iPad and iPhone.

You also won’t have an ‘eM account’ …  you will need e-mail accounts.

To be able to use eM Client on X computers, you will need X licenses.

Exactly as Hans suggested, to synchronize all your devices, just use your email account while using the IMAP protocol, this allows you to synchronize read/unread flags and organize your emails to folders which are then reflected on the server and thus on your other devices using the same protocol.

eM Client is unfortunately only available on Windows so you can only access your email using eM Client on your computer, so you will have to find some other email client for your mobile devices or mac computers.

Hope this helps.