sales ques on Pro that are not ans'd on your FAQ

after reviewing your pages, I still have a dozen or more questions that need an answer bfr purch…do you have chat, phone, skype or other recom that does not involve hours of browsing ? Thank you!

Why don’t you get a free copy?  It is pro version for first 30 days.

cost is my least concern.
the real ones are :
is this partially or totally cloud-based
can i run it simultaneously w Outlook during the trial period
does search perform as well on indivdual folders as on search-all-folders
are there size limitations ? I have thousands of saved emails and about 2500 current, contacts that need to interact and easily get updated
does the contact app have a feature like ‘notes’ in Outlook contacts, searchable 
what are limits on mass mailings
what are limits on email attachment size
will my VOIP phone app from 8X8 integrate as it does in Outlook to allow dialing from the s/w
will my use of TeamViewer remote access work w Pro
are the backups automatic and less difficult to work with than Outlook backups w those horrible .pst’s
are there limits on support by phone, by chat or by frequency of contact, what is the objective response interval from support

so that’s the ones I can quickly come up with–can we chat by phone or do the hunt&peck thing

forgot my phone in case you do call–212 968 0230

sorry Jay–failed to notice this is a user blog rather than a support site. Do you know if eM CLient has a support staff than can answer ques like the above, or do we need to devote hours of combing and networking with users to get it?

You might try contacting their sales department at

Thanks. Let’s see what happens; I like the product, hopefully I won’t have to learn Czech to communicate w sales…tho that would still be easier than doing so w Microsoft :o(